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A University of Plymouth Centre of Expertise

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Focussing on challenge and opportunity in the marine sector

The University of Plymouth’s Centre of Expertise - Marine Science and Technology (CoE MST) is uniquely placed to help marine-based companies draw upon the experience, skill and expertise of several teams from within the university and beyond. These attributes, together with a range of existing and adaptable solutions, can be used to ensure that short, medium and long-term business needs are addressed.

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How can I make the University work for my organisation?

By using the Centre of Expertise in Marine Science and Technology as the gateway to a well established university serving the needs of business and the community.

Our Business & Tehnology Solutions
Our role

The CoE MST provides a real environment for your business to engage with the universities’ staff and expertise to support your plans for growth and sustainability.

By providing a practical framework for collaboration, your ideas can be nurtured, and with your links to the university strengthened, we can supply you with expertise, facilities, information and trained manpower that can help you achieve greater business potential.

We will act as the interface between you the customer and the academic community to help ensure that multidisciplinary projects, programmes and services are properly managed and to help ensure that the right business solution is proposed.

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